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Carmichael Surname Crest: Means Always Ready.The Carmichael DNA Surname Project is currently seeking male participants from around the world to submit DNA cheek cell specimens for use in the Carmichael Y-chromosome DNA Surname Study.

This project's objectives are;

  1. to determine how conserved the Carmichael Surname DNA profile is, and

  2. to see if surnames similar to Carmichael are related, with respect to a direct paternal lineage measured through DNA sampling.

Participants with variations in the Carmichael Surname are encouraged to participate. Names such as:

  • Carmical
  • Carmicheal
  • Carmichel
  • Carmichelle
  • Carmichiel
  • Carmickle
  • Carmicle
  • And others...

Basically, the DNA Surname Test relies on the fact that if we are all related to one common Carmichael, then we should have the same, or a very similar, Y-chromosome. The project will examine 26 locations on the Y-chromosome (called loci). If two (2) Carmichael participants were to match '26 out of 26' locations on the Y-chromosome, this would indicate a common paternal lineage of less than 12 generations. Possibly indication that the 2 may have a common g-g-g-grandfather.

All Carmichael DNA Surname Project data will be published. Participant’s names will not be published. However, as a paid participant you will receive your individual Y-chromosome DNA profile, and can use it to match to other participants, outside of the Carmichael DNA Surname Project. Upon special consent, participants will be able to contact other participants.

Therefore, if you find a Carmichael that matches your DNA profile you may want to contact them, and compare Genealogy Data to see if you can find your common ancestor and expand your Genealogy.

We are proud to be Carmichael's, and proud to be Scottish Americans. If you are a Carmichael, we encourage you to join the Carmichael DNA Surname Project.

Carmichael's around the world have proven to be successful in many different disciplines. From Lucy Carmichael (Lucille Ball's character on the 'I love Lucy' TV show) to Hoagy Carmichael (pictured below), a well-known jazz singer and composer, Carmichael's have a proud heritage.

Hoagy CarmichaelClick here to learn more about the Carmichael DNA Surname Project. If you would like to participate in the project please use our online ordering form, and a kit will be sent directly to you.

Call or email us if you have specific questions that you would like to be addressed quickly.

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